Nov & Dec Trading Update

Things have been very busy over the past couple of months and I have not had a lot of time to allocate to my trading activities.  A different work project has taken up most of my time in Nov & Dec.  Time for a quick recap of trading work done the past two months.  And a quick performance summary, since 2018 has just come to an end.

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Sweet Spots for setups

Sweet Spot ii

Sharing some thoughts and insights gained from recent months in trading various markets.  Idea of now anticipating and looking for my desired setup in specific locations based on the bigger picture – i.e. in the sweet spot.  Continue reading

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October/Halloween FX trading wrap

A brief summary of what’s been happening on my trading front the past three weeks. Continue reading

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Monday Morning in my ‘trading space’

Monday morning.  Sitting in front of my trading charts.  This week will be quite focused on trading, as I’ll have time up my sleeves.  Briefly sharing some of my current routines and also included graphs of actual trading performance for 2018 thus far – nothing astonishing just some grinding.

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Two Traders Talk – Part III – the rarity of profitable traders

Several months ago, back in April’18, a long conversation over coffee between my trader buddy and I sparked a number of ideas in my head.  We explored various aspects of our respective trading journeys, both of which were now several years in duration.

This is the third part of exploring the themes that sprung up in that conversation.  The themes in this post are the rarities of profitable traders and the difficulties in even identifying those likely to be successful.

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3-week FX trading update

Realizing it’s already been 3 weeks since my last blog post, here’s a quick update.

Trading continues, though on part-time basis, mostly based on trade setups shared in a trading room.  Have been exhibiting good trading behavior.  Results are profitable.  Doing some coding too.  That’s the executive summary.  Read on for more details. Continue reading

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