Discipline Strategy: Trading Day 22: Jun6Great day working

Discipline Strategy: Trading Day 22: Jun6

Great day working with Paul and Wayne yesterday.  Felt big increase in confidence about the trading as a whole because the strategy we discussed seems fairly simple – and Paul has been trading it for a long time and seems to be making good consistent returns with it.

Finished entering all the orders at 7.02am.  Still did this carefully.

Interestingly I seem to deliberately engage in other activities shortly prior to 7am to minimize the time that I have available to check the final statistics.  It seems like a form of self-sabotaging. Why do I do that?

EU 3096.6, 3108.3 (sell at 3095.1, buy at 3109.8) is consolidating on 1H chart but looks like it is ready to break out above 1.31, 7am candle is non-directional

GU 5396.4, 5410.2 (spell at 5394.4, buy at 5412.2) 1H trend is bullish, though the 7am candle was bearish, the 5M trend is bearish

Again got slipped yesterday  – I am looking forward to using Active Traders and FXCM!!  Particularly, in trading the STAM it seems that the order executions are going to be fine.

Equity markets continue to fall – Gold is stabilising.

After 22 days of trading the discipline strategy I have done 29 trades, 34,5% win rate and average RR of 1.34.


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