Discipline Strategy – June 27

Noted the highs and lows, 7am candle diretion and 5M and 1H trend.  Equity markets rebounded yesterday – but gold continued its decline.

Sold EURUSD at market as the market was trading at the low of the 7am hourly candle.  Entered limit order for Cable.

Cable turned into a losing trade.  The EURUSD should have also been stopped out.  However I realised I had forgotten to enter a stop loss on the trade.  Some kind of star trader I am!  When I realised it (at 8.30am) I entered the stop that i should have used at the outset.


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One Response to Discipline Strategy – June 27

  1. Fri, 6.22am – I get set up for today’s trading work. I realized that I didn’t enter a stop on the short EURUSD trade after all. And neither had I entered a target level. How/why did I make such a mistake. I need to record a 35 pip loss on the trade which equates to 3.5R on this strategy. Amazing!


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