Discipline Strategy – Jul8

Today saw a winning and a losing trade. All in all I have now done 60 trades – 43 losers and 17 winners, and the net loss is 224 pips – a whopping -22.4R – 1R is typically around £6, so at least it has not cost me a fortune!!

Things that this strategy helped me thus far:

Getting out of bed early in the morning every trading day – and being at my desk by 6.45am.

Ability to compare FXCM v CMC – learning that one broker gives me positive slippage and the other does not

I am able to make mistakes in order execution – therefore I do need to concentrate

It’s moulded my personality to some extent – I notice the cold objective personality when I consider STAM setups.


Thanks to all the mistakes that I have managed to make, my coach has forced me to carry this exercise on until the end of July – yay!

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