Dec11 – Market Analysis

Personal observations

  • I am finding that my trading in the JBT room is helping me to plan my positions management – when to take off part or all of the positions, when to move the stop loss (as an example, see my commentary on the AUDUSD position).
  • I am also finding that being in the JBT room is helping me to take trades with the STAM strategy, and not only on the six JBT pairs, but on the markets generally.  That said, I am still finding it tough to be trading – lots of losing trades, and overall losing rather gaining R – the loss of money is not relevant because it’s small – so, more and more, I feel like I am going to a trading school.  The other advantage with JBT trading is that I am learning a lot in a shorter timeframe because I am taking 5-10 trades a day – although it is stressful, I am effectively accelerating my learning – or at least that’s what I think I am doing.
  • But it does seem tricky – I was close to throwing something across the room today.
  • The S1B Dow position has not moved a lot overnight.

Equities & Gold

  • Gold saw a bit of a spike yesterday, to $1,260, and is now keeping at that level.
  • No new setups on the equity indices.

FX Analysis

  • No change in the STAM ratings.  The strong and weak (and neutral) camps are still the same.
  • Pairs to watch for trades – NZD S1B positions – EURNZD, GBPNZD, NZDCHF.  Also consider EURAUD and CADCHF.  Took a good look once the 7am candle closes, and again at 11am.
  • Took positions in EURAUD and AUDUSD – screenshots for both of these trades.  See charts above for details of the positions.

S3 (FX) Analysis

  • There are only a handful of pairs that are neither in S1 or S2.  None of those currently have valid S3 setups (as at 3pm).
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