Dec17 – Market Analysis

Position management

  • Still short in AUDUSD.  Have not moved the stop loss.  Since the large Thursday dropped caused by the RBA comments, the pair has been trading in a 60 pip range.  Currently looking to break out to the lowside, currently remaining portion is at +189 pips (initial stop was 70 pips).
  • Still long EURJPY – Has moved a little against me from time to time since I entered the position, however is still holding on (currently at -5 pips, initial stop 60 pips).
  • One change in the STAM rating points – with USD gaining 1 point and NZD losing 1 point.  Strong/weak/neutral camps remain the same.

STAM – Equities & Gold (no setups)

  • I have not spent a lot of time looking at the index charts.  Thus I am finding it more difficult to judge the quality of pullbacks.  To be on the safe side, I am going to look for pullbacks and confirming price action on the D charts, rather than 4H charts.

STAM – FX (no setups)

  • There are no valid STAM setups this morning.

S3-FX  (no setups)

  • EURGBP and NZDCAD are the only potential eligible pairs. 


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One Response to Dec17 – Market Analysis

  1. Checked markets again around 7.30pm. No STAM setups at this point. However I am keeping an eye on GBPCAD and USDCAD (both are S1B) and will check again at 10pm for potential 4H corn-trade setups.

    The S1B EURJPY trade was stopped out for a full loss – 1R – unfortunately 😉


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