Dec18 (FOMC DAY) – Market Analysis – Taper or not…. here we come!

Market generally

Trading environment is getting ‘bad’ now.  Volumes are lowering as we are heading into xmas.  Additionally there is a massive risk event tonight with the FOMC announcement – and maybe this will be the one where tapering begins (the chance of tapering is set to stand at 60%).

This is probably not a good time to trade now.  But it is a great time for doing additional research and the like.

Position Management – took off a little bit of the AUDUSD position yesterday (at +204 pips).  Now only 1/5th of the original position is remaining.

STAM – FX (no orders entered)

NZD and USD have switched points again.  All else is the same on the matrix.

I am going to be very limited today in terms of putting on new positions because of the FOMC announcement tonight (7 and 7.30). There’s also a lot of GBP news at 9.30am.  So, all in all, it’s unlikely that I will open ANY new STAM positions today.

There are a couple of interesting-looking charts, such as Cable, some of the Yen pairs – no action taken because of scheduled news.

S3 – FX (no setups)

Checked the three pairs that are not in S1 or S2 – no setups.

STAM – Equities

No setups.

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