Trading for 2013 now complete

Following the FOMC Meet and taper-decision last night, I have decided that this will mark the last trading day of the year for me.  With only a few days to go to Christmas, and me only being available today and tomorrow, I figure it’s better not to open more positions, and who knows how the markets will fare following the taper combined with low trading volumes.

I closed the short AUDUSD and short AUDJPY positions last night.  Both were opened last week.  Both returned +2.6R.

The trading year in review – I began working on things part-time (thanks to my mentor pushing me along at the beginning else I would have really postponed things) around March/April.  From early Sep I began trading full-time again (the last time I did was in 2011).  In that time I worked on and traded a few different trading strategies, joined a live FX trading room, and attended several traders events. I arranged to shift into a trading office with three others from the beginning of January.  

Results wise – I undertook 37 STAM trades and made 2.52, 13 x S3 trades losing 1.4R, made 142 trades in the trading room and lost 14.3R and undertook another 16 trades (either testing, experimenting or gambling) resulting in a break-even result.  Thus, all up I completed 208 trades losing 13.2R,  

I guess it takes time to build a business.  It has not cost me a lot of money to build what I have so far in terms of skills – though obviously I have invested a tonne of time.  I do feel fairly confident that I will progress onto becoming a profitable trader in early 2014 – I have a lot of ideas & plans to make that happen, and am already working on all of those.

Merry Christmas to anyone who has read my blog thus far – it would be great for you to post a comment so that I know who (if anyone!) actually reads the blog – and whether you have found it interesting 🙂


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