Jan10 (NFP Day) – Notes

Open positions – GBPAUD – I closed ½ of the position at T1 for +156 pips, which turned out to be fairly close to the high of the day!  The stop on the remaining portion is still at 1.8448.  AUDUSD – the stop is still in the same place as yesterday.  AUDUSD traded as low as 0.8865 yesterday (+63 pips) but is now back to the 0.89 level.  I will have to check both positions again just prior to NFP.

I also entered a short on AUDNZD – a supply/demand setup – which turned into a full loser.

Today is NFP today.  Thus, I am not going to enter any new STAM, S3 or supply/demand trades.  I will however keep an eye on the JBT trading room and potentially take trades from there.  My focus for most of today will be working on the Turtles strategy – going into the depths Excel no doubt.

Yesterday’s ECB rate meetings brought some volatility to the markets, as expected.

STAM analysis – The only change in the points relates to EUR gaining 1 point and NZD losing 1 point.

Completed a brief review of the charts, but am deliberately going to stay out of the market today because it is NFP day.  And then proceed onto the analysis work.


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