Jan15 – Market Analysis

Personal notes

There were no STAM or S3 setups yesterday or morning.  I didn’t trade during the afternoon.

Today there’s USD news at 1.30.  And Carney is speaking at 2.15pm.  So careful with USD and GBP pairs ahead of those announcements – note though that we might get some good moves following those announcements.

STAM ratings

No major changes with the STAM points this morning. GBP continues to be strongest pair (back on max 14 points).  Followed by EUR, NZD and CHF.   USD sitting in the middle, and CAD/JPY/AUD continue to be the weakest.

There are no valid STAM setups following the close of the 7am candle.

In the shorter term – AUD and JPY are very weak.  GBP is strong – has made up nearly all of its losses across the board from Monday.    AUD has given back most (and sometimes more) of the gains it made on Monday.

NZD has been tapering off a bit during the last 12-24 hours.  NZDUSD is in S1B, has retraced (bounced off the supply zone) – now waiting for bullish price action.

 CAD – against the Yen it lost all of last week, and never recovered the losses thus far.

S3 Analysis – no setups thus far.

STAM Equities – all the European indices are near their historical highs and have been consolidating – it seems as if they are going for a breakout to the upside – the Turtle strategy would catch a 20day high-breakout here.

JBT Trading room – I am still monitoring the room but I am not really taking trades in the room – to me it seems as if the room is still making losses – I cannot quite see how they could be in profit.  The likelihood that I am going to carry on with it is certainly reducing.

Action to take

  • Check STAM and S3 again on the close of the 11am candle.
  • Continue looking for setups in regard to Supply and demand


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2 Responses to Jan15 – Market Analysis

  1. Completed a further review at 11am on both STAM and S3. As a result I opened three new positions – +NZDCAD (S1B), -EURAUD (S3S) and -CHFJPY (S3S). Will provide charts/snapshots shortly.

    No setups on anything else. Bear in mind, I had to forego anything on GBP and USD because of the upcoming announcements.


  2. Did another review at 3pm. Following the review I entered ANOTHER trade – short GBPAUD (S3S) – see above. I had to forego going long AUDCHF – also a valid setup – because I had already two trades on long Aussie. The EURCAD S3S setup would have turned out nicely.

    It’s getting to be a long day. I have entered into six positions – it does seem to be that a lot of things are setting up today. But effectively it’s all turning into long AUD bet. So I am not going to expose myself further for today.


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