Jan17 – Market Analysis

Personal observations

It’s taking me too much time to look at the equities and it is quite distracting so I am going to leave those for now.

There hasn’t been a lot in the way of STAM this week – spending most of my time on supply&demand and S3.

STAM Analysis

NZD Pairs – Several of the NZD pairs are in S1 or S2 environments.  However the short-term momentum is against the NZD in each case – thus NZD is showing some weakness.  Now waiting for NZD-favoured price action before I could take NZD against say CAD.  That said, the other setups are with the other medium and/or strong currencies, EUR, GBP, CHF so they are not setups I would be overly willing to take.

CHF Pairs – Several of this are also in setup – CHF has been slipping down in the STAM rankings and is now being triggered into ‘sell-CHF’ setups. USDCHF, GBPCHF and EURCHF.  And also NZDCHF.    Interestingly CHF had a day of strength yesterday, so it effectively put in a good retracement.  Thus if there’s now bullish price action on these pairs, then we have valid setups that we could enter into.

Action to complete

  • Consider CHF STAM setups on close of 11am candles.



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One Response to Jan17 – Market Analysis

  1. 11am update – NZD is still showing weakness on the 4H charts. Thus no NZD-related STAM setups.
    Entered order for a S1B trade on EURCHF (see above).


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