Jan 31 – Market Analysis

8-9 trading sessions have passed since I last looked at the markets – following my round-the-world trip to Macau and Las Vegas!!

The STAM points have not actually changed a lot on the weekly and daily timeframes – Yen has gone from 2 to 4 points, CHF has gone from 8 to 10, NZD has dropped from 9 to 6, and CAD has dropped from 3 to 2.

Thus in terms of strength we still have Sterling at the top with 14/14 – EUR, CHF (strengthening) and USD on 9-10.  NZD on 6 and weakening, Yen on 4 (strengthening) and AUD and CAD weak on 1 and 2.  No point listing the buy and sell biases at this point in time.

Several pairs are currently in STAM environments:


Entered new S1S trade on AUDJPY – see post above.  Similar setup on CADJPY but the retracement was not as great – only 80 pips, compared to 150 pips on AUDJPY.

Quick check on Nikkei and S&P.  Sentiment has gone bearish on Nikkei, has retraced some 1500 points from its recent high.  Similarly the S&P has also gone bearish on weekly timeframe, and has also retraced.

No further setups at this point in time.

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One Response to Jan 31 – Market Analysis

  1. Did another STAM review at 11am. Nothing has changed. The AUDJPY initially went against me 30-40 pips but has now shifted into profit.


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