Feb3 – Market Analysis

Finished Friday with 2W and 1L for a +0.97R day.  Nicely nicely!

The S2S AUDJPY trade was closed on the same day, making 0.97R.  I was aggressive with shifting the stop loss.

STAM Review – on the daily and weekly timeframes the Yen is gaining strength, now up at 6 points, USD is also gaining (albeit at a slower pace) – NZD is still getting weaker.  Holding their positions are the rest – GBP (strong), AUD & CAD (weak), EUR & CHF (middle).

Thus on the whole I am looking to buy Yen, GBP and USD.  I am looking to sell NZD, CAD and AUD.

Reviewed the STAM setups as per the dashboard – there are no valid setups as at the 7am candle close – and nothing looks close at this point.

Reviewing the equities – S&P and Nikkei (on CMC platform) – bearish weekly momentum on both – there have not been any retracements to the upside – thus there is no valid setup – no STAM environment for S&P, S2S for the Nikkei.

Will continue reviewing charts for STAM setups at 11am and 3pm.


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