Feb 11 – Update

Another pretty tough trading yesterday – lost 2.5R in one day – with a lot of losing trades.  I am still trading very small size (£250/trade) in relation to my total bankroll – so it’s not a big deal.  I wonder whether there was any correlation between that and trading after 4 hours of sleep and a night on the drinks with Ruffmaster, and finally fudging my psychology assessment ratings so that I would actually be allowed to trade for the day.  Onwards and upwards.

CHF and EUR are strengthening – now on 12 and 11 respectively.  GBP is weakening a little, now on 12 also.  Then there’s a big gap – NZD on 7, USD on 5 (weakening), and JPY, CAD and AUD all on 3. So on the bigger picture the strong performers are CHF, EUR and GBP – and most of the rest are weak!

It’s not that often that I have seen a nice clean split like this.

As I have said, there’s a good possibility that I will reduce and/or stop the STAM trading now that I am focusing more on short term trades.  However I am certainly continuing with S3 and also with the Wallachi – all of which work well with my ‘zone’ approach.

There were no valid S3 setups on the close of the 7am candle.

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