Feb 25th – Market Analysis

FX: Again, a few changes on the matrix.  GBP and CHF are now on 14 and 13 respectively.  NZD and EUR sit in the middle with 9 points, and then we have the four weak currencies bundled together, all between 2 and 4 points – though it must be noted that AUD is gaining strength at present moving from 2 to 4 points.

Thus on the whole, looking to buy GBP and CHF, looking to sell the weak currencies.

Checked for STAM setups – the only pair that I looked at closely was NZDCHF (from a short perspective), and I took this trade.

For S3 setups, I looked at GBPCHF, GBPJPY and EURCAD.  I took GBPCHF.

Very light on the news schedule today.

Equities: Nothing setting up in terms of S3.  As I said yesterday, I am waiting for a major retracement before looking to go long – assuming I see some bullish PA.  I am not sure whether any pullbacks are going to be of decent size, because the market continues rallying so much. 

Gold also continues to push higher – it is in fact trending very nicely.

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One Response to Feb 25th – Market Analysis

  1. 11am update: No S3 setups for FX or equities. Additionally there are no STAM setups in either market sector.


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