NFP – March 2014

I am not in the trading office today.  In fact I am not actually trading today.  I did another really late stint last night working on the S3 strategy, and now need to devote 2-3 days on another little project before I trading resumes on Monday.

That said, I got into three S3 trades on the close of the 7pm candle last night.  They were very nice clean setups – pretty much what I have been looking out for.  They encompassed shorting CADJPY, GBPJPY and buying USDCAD.  I will post the chart shots for these on Monday.

Meanwhile I got stopped out on the short GBPJPY trade for a small loss, after being up 47 pips (11 pips from my target).  The AUDCHF position entered at 3pm yesterday, survived RBA Governor Stevens’ talk, and is still in play.  The CADJPY and USDCAD positions are fairly close to their entry levels.

Note that during my testing I assume that I don’t take any 7pm trigger candles, so taking those last night was not ideal, and further so because of today’s NFP announcement, through which I will need to manage anything that remains open beforehand.

Update at 13.20pm (10 minutes prior to NFP) – have closed all my positions.  Lost 9 pips on 2nd half of AUDCHF trade.  Scratched the CADJPY trade.  Lost 7-8 pips on the USDCAD trade.  So overall not a big loss on those.  Thus all up on those four S3 trades, I lost 0.7R.

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