10th March – Market update

There are quite a few changes on the STAM matrix this morning, on both the daily and the weekly timeframes.  NFP naturally triggered a lot of volatility in the market.  Additionally weak Chinese data came out overnight, which has led to risk-off trading, and caused safe haven flows to Yen and CHF.  Additional safe-haven demand is coming from the increasing tension in the Ukraine.

CHF is now the strongest on 13.  NZD still on 11.  Both of these are strengthening.  EUR is on 10 (strengthening).  GBP now also on 10 and weakening.  JPY now down to 1 and weakening.  AUD, CAD and USD are on 2-5 points. 

There are no significant news items this week.

For the FX market, there were no S3 or STAM setups at the close of the 7am candle this morning.

There were no STAM setups in the equities markets, nor in Gold or Oil on the close of the 7am candle.

Position update:  As discussed last week, I closed all the S3 positions prior to NFP, leading to a loss of 0.68R.  This produced a final result of +0.47R for the week (whoopdi-doo!) after 2 winners (both STAM), 2 losers and 3 scratch trades (all the remaining trades were S3).  Sometimes I feel like I am doing the wrong thing by being a proper risk manager and closing positions prior to key risk events – as things would have worked out very well for me – I guess it’s easy to say that with the benefit of hindsight!

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One Response to 10th March – Market update

  1. 11AM update: Flurry of activity as far as my trading is concerned – I entered four S3 trades as well as 2 STAM trades (see blog posts above)!!
    3PM update: No S3 setups. No STAM setups.


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