Mar10 – 2xSTAM trades @ 11am – short EURNZD, long AUDJPY

Entered this following the assessment of the 11am candles.  Will provide charts later on in the day.

For each position, I have used an aggressive stop for 1/2 the position, and a normal STAM-type stop for the remaining position.  The aggressive position is based on placing the stop beyond the MA10/20/100, following on from the recent conversations with Joel.

Nothing is setting up on the indices.  Most of the indices are pulling back at this point.

Nothing on gold or oil at 11am.

(Added on Tue 11/3):

As promised here are the setup discussions for the STAM trades:

Short EURNZD – both currencies are in the strong-ish camp – EUR has 10, NZD has 11 – however NZD has been strengthening lately.   No scheduled Tier-1 news for either pair that day.

eurnzd 4h


eurnzd 15m



Long AUDJPY (S1B) – both currencies are currently in the weak camp, however AUD has been strengthening and JPY has been weakening.  On that basis, I have a valid setup.

audjpoy 4h


audjpy 15m

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