Market updates – for Friday 21/3 and Monday 23/3

Monday 24 March

No S3 setups at 7am.

NZD and CHF are now the strongest with 11 and 12 respectively.  AUD continues to gain, now on 7 points.  GBP continues to lose points, now on 6.

Thus it would pay to short GBP and buy AUD.  Additionally NZD and CHF should be good buys.  CAD continues to be the weakest and should therefore be a good sell.  The other currencies – EUR, USD and JPY – are bouncing around – I am more or less neutral on those.  There are no setups as far as those combinations involving these currencies are concerned.

There were numerous other pairs in either S1 or S2 environments.  I took a look at currency pairs that involved either neutral/weak or strong/neutral – no setups there either.

No setups for STAM on equities or commodities.

No S3 setups @ 8am.

Friday 21 March

The only change in the D/W matrix is JPY gaining a point at the expense of EUR.  Thus my buy/sell/neutral biases are still the same as yesterday.

Quiet on the news front today, only CAD news is coming out.  Last trading session of the weak.  Expect things to taper off during the afternoon.  Monitor squawk for developments from Crimea.

S3 @ 7am:  Nothing set up except for AUDNZD (S3S).

No S3 setups at 8am.

STAM setups @ 8am – EURCHF and GBPCHF (from the daily timeframe).

No others.

A further S3 setup on the 12 noon candle, buying GBPAUD

I felt a bit mixed this morning – I think I may have opened too many positions.

I am going to spend a bit of time reviewing the trades I entered today and yesterday, and also how I managed them. 

Note added on Monday:  Friday was a pretty bad trading day in terms of results.  I will go over my trades from Thursday and Friday at this point in time.

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2 Responses to Market updates – for Friday 21/3 and Monday 23/3

  1. FXTraderPaul says:

    What happened on the Friday?


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