Sunday 6th July – A Day of Inspiration

Late last night, after too many bottles of beer and two World Cup games with my football/drinking buddies, I caught up with a friend from the skating community.

As we were talking about some deeper things in life, and the desire to just really be yourself, and to do the things that you really want to do, she truly inspired me (without meaning to do so). I realised that what I am doing right now, working full-time on FX trading, is truly what I want to do. I can spend as many hours as I want pursuing this obsession. Just as artists would become obsessed with their painting, with their sculpture-making and writing, I stand more and more time thinking of charts, of patterns, of techniques and tactics, and I just spend a lot of time on trading. I am loving it. I am loving the actual nuts and bolts of doing it. And additionally I am ultra-motivated because of the lifestyle, physical flexibility that successful trading results could bring.

Once again, I am only in this position thanks to some lucky breaks in the IT consulting world, and to meeting and working with a number of talented individuals in the (shall we just say) entertainment industry, which has taught me several cross-applicable skills and perspectives, and last but not least to my habit of ‘living below my means’ allowing me to put money aside to have a reasonable bankroll size.

I do have to set some deadlines – I can’t just keep having a non-profitable obsession forever and a day. But the longer I work on this, the longer I learn, the longer I collaborate with others (my colleagues in the trading hub, my trading coach, my friends) the higher the probability that I will make it.

So thank you to “Miss B” for the inspiration last night!

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