Whoaaa – 12 hours later…. (8th July)

Arrived at 5.45am. Am leaving the office at 6.15pm, though I did have a 1.5hr lunchbreak

Put on 8 trades throughout the session, all except one where done in the morning. I ended up with 4 winners and 4 losers – for a net result of 0.3R. I am happy that I am getting a lot of trade execution and trade management under my belt.

Two of the trades were not valid setups (both trades incurred a 1R loss) – this becomes easy to tell if the trade documentation is done promptly. There were a few instances where I had not set a T1 at the outset of the trade – this ended up working against me. Probably the most difficult task today was handling the position management. It was a fine line between giving trades room to move whilst also protecting profits.

Onwards and upwards. Now off for a nap before heading to the Germany v Brazil semi-final.

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