Thu 10th July

Another hard-worked trading session.

Missed out on a couple of trades, and some trades ran a lot further after I closed them. Certainly today the market moved more than in recent sessions – see the Euro, Yen and Aussie crosses for example.

It was a good day results wise.  I had 4 trades – two that were more or less scratch and good winning trades on shorting USDJPY and shorting GBPAUD, for a net gain of 2.65R today.

Spent some time (again) on how I can structure my day better, as it continues to feel like I am all over the place.  Had some good thoughts and also ran this by my trading coach during our skype session today.

As I am spending so much time in front of the screen, the chart patterns that I am looking for are becoming more engrained and more easily recognisable.  Let’s hope this continues.

I cannot believe how tired I am feeling.  Since 4pm I have been basically been walking around half-asleep, ready to hit the sack at 9pm, so that I can rise and shine at 5am and do it all over again.

Over and out.

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