Jul21 – A big winner on the DAX Index

Excellent trading session today!

Managed to catch a short on the DAX for a return of 4.6R.  Basically I managed to enter with a 15 point stop and then exited at +43 (1/2), +112 (1/4) and +94 (1/4).  I wish all trades were like that.  Certainly the EMA trading strategy can also be applied to the indices.  The DAX is the one I have been monitoring a bit because it tends to move quite smoothly.  So on a day when the FX markets were rather quiet (no Tier 1 news/no speakers), this was a fantastic trade to be in!

Also did four FX trades – two of them were break-evens (EURUSD and AUDUSD), but also ran two short Yen positions – neither of them reached T1 (for me “T1” is where I close half of the position, and enter a pending order in the market for that from the outset), but both trades turned out to be partial winners.

All up, a gain of +5.93R for the session – that’s a big one (by my standards).  Incidentally, my psych-assessment at the start of the session came in at 9/10 (the highest ever), not sure whether that’s coincidental or not. 

Right, off more speed-skating.

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