26/8 – update

Quick update.

Have been off sick for several days now, and today is the 3rd consecutive trading session that I missed.  I also have no internet connection at home (temporarily), so truly, I can’t do any FX work – though I have been thinking about my trading a bit during these days.

I had a great Skype catch-up with my trading coach on Thursday – I will shortly share some of the points that we discussed during the skype.  As usual, it was quite a helpful.

Jack Bauer – federal agent

During my days off I spent hours and hours watching two and a bit seasons of ’24’ – amazing stuff.  I was trying to draw some parallels between Jack Bauer (the main character who is a federal anti-terrorist agent) and my trading journey.  Jack has sacrificed a lot of his life for the sake of his job, and he has become extremely good at what he does. I guess I am sacrificing a lot too for the work I have pursued in trading and in the “entertainment” industry.  I am trying to make the FX trading the core, the key area, of my life, and to work very hard (and very smart) at it.  

The positive thing is that I am still here.  Still working on trading full-time.  I am well-funded.  I am working hard.  I am loving what I do.  Because of all these things, the odds are in my favor.  I am still chasing the gold at the end of the rainbow.  I will get there.  Anyways, those are just some random thoughts going through my head.  I can’t stop somehow bringing everything back into the trading area – even if it is watching ’24’.

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