Tue 2/9

Continued trading with great discipline, being selective with setups, trade documentation, and following my rules. And am working hard.  Also continued looking and analysing some of my recently completed trades to try to learn from them.

Worked from 6.00 to 12.30 – had to leave the office early to sort out the internet connection at my home.

Entered just two trades.  Left one trade open (short EURUSD) when I left the office – this resulted in a loss of 0.94R because it hit the tightened stop at 3127.  If I had been in the office I would have closed the trade around 3121 because a bullish XO on the 15M timeframe had occurred.  

Issues still on the table that I seem to not make progress with: proper position management approaches – I still have little clue as to how to manage the open positions – obviously this is not going to help me in terms of results or stress reduction.  Secondly, I also keep on questioning myself whether it’s good to leg into the position – it seems that my winning trades take off right from entry – with me only having 1/2 R entered on the position.  But then again, I am only looking at a small sample size of trades.




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