Steve Ward Psychology Seminar – Follow-up

Attended a good seminar last night – run by a performance coach who works with athletes, military combat personnel and traders.  It was organised by the FXStreet/OANDA meet-up group.

My Action points:

  1. Visualizations – continue doing this in the morning ahead of each trading session – place higher focus on visualizing inputs (see point 2) rather than outputs
  2. Identify specific actions needing improvement – this may relate to several areas: actual trading (trading according to my trade plan for each trading strategy), documentation & review, solid risk management, psychological and physical well-being
  3. 1-minute Body Scans – include this at the start of the visualization, and then repeat once every hour
  4. Write down my emotions as I go through the day – how do my emotions change as I consider trades, managing trades, close trades – how are they when I am not in any trade?
  5. When trading, always plant feet firmly on the ground, as this will make my whole body feel more comfortable
  6. For now, move emphasis from trading results (no. of winners, losers, amount of R lost/gained) to the inputs (taking valid setups, managing the trades according to my plans, managing my risk, reading the market well, trade documentation and review)

Additionally, here’s Steve Ward’s website:

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