Some light at the end of the tunnel?

Bit of a rollercoaster ride today in Bayreuth.

Started the day off with further testing – firstly trying to make some sense of the 40 trades I did on GBPUSD (see earlier blog post) then started testing EURUSD Jan-Jun 2012.  All up not in the best of moods – felt frustrated and just not sure how to adjust my trading to make it better – another walk in the Hofgarten to try to clear my thoughts.

The afternoon resumed with some insightful and careful testing on EURUSD. Then I had a skype call with my trading coach for a full hour.  This was rather good as we discussed some of the technicalities of the strategy that i have been using – in other words we “got our hands dirty in the nitty gritty” and this led to some great ideas regarding how to manage the positions, how to trigger fast exits, how to add to winning positions and finally how to potentially integrate some of the 123 patterns and some continuation patterns into the EMA strategy.  This put me in a good mood.  It gave m more ideas for how to to keep going with EMA – I’d hate to put the strategy on the shelf – it would feel so good to make something work 🙂

Right, onto dinner, billiards, family time and more German beer – Prost!!

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One Response to Some light at the end of the tunnel?

  1. FXTraderPaul says:

    Enjoy that German beer whilst you still can!


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