Fri Oct3 (NFP day) – A typical day in the life of a retail FX trader?

Interesting day today – somewhat different than usual – here’s what i did (remembering that i am currently working from home):

  • Had decided to not do any trades prior to NFP.  Consequently I headed off to Cafe 1001 around 9am to do some testing on ForexTester2 on my laptop.  However, ended up spending to midday looking at some live charts, at some testing charts, at some online education – all the while thinking about how I currently look at charts, how I define and assess trending environments, and trying to figure out what it is that I am really looking for on the charts.
  • Arrived home shortly after midday – spent a bit over two hours watching the two episodes of “Traders – Millions by the minute” aired on BBC recently.  Both of the clips were available on youtube.  Some of the material in there was truly laughable – and I got limited benefit out of it – nevertheless, it was allright.
  • Again tried to do some testing but didn’t get very far.
  • Once the NFP volatility had died down, I kept an eye on the charts and proceeded to sell Cable twice (see posts below), both resulting in winning trades.
  • I then spent some time catching up on my trade documentation and this blog. Present time =  6.30pm
  • Am planning to spend another 45 minutes on trading stuff before heading out on London’s street-skate
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