10th Oct – Wrap up – finishing the day at +2.9R

Following the trades earlier this morning, I spent 2-3 hours at Cafe 1001 – doing my trade documentation – and slurping down two hot chocolates.  It was much more relaxing there with some nice chilling music, and a few other people around.

As soon as I returned, I saw some more setups – as I said, I was going to take a look at the DAX and Dow for the afternoon session.  I ended up with 3 trades in the DAX all taken off the 1M timeframe

  • #302 (12.35pm), sold 9033-37, covered 9003-9006, stop at 9057 [duration 10-26minutes] +1.42R
  • #303 (14.02pm), sold 9025-9026, covered 9041, stop at 9052 [duration 21 minutes] -0.61R
  • #305 (16.32pm), sold 9009, covered 8977-8980, stop at 9035 [duration 12-18 minutes] +1.25R

In regard to #305, I had set T1 just below the day’s low, and then closed the 2nd half when a doji had completed on the 5M timeframe.  Next time, I will look for two consecutive candles for interpreting price action.  DAX continued falling and is falling as I speak.  Trading 8950 now.

Had a good catch-up with my trading coach for 1/2 hour and talked him through what I have been up to in the past fortnight.  He was happy with the results that I achieved since re-commencing trading after the break in Germany, and was also happy with observations and learnings I have made.  As soon as we finished skype I did one more trade on the DAX (that was #305) – it just seemed to stare off the chart at me – so I took it.  I think it was just (very) lucky that i was looking at the chart at that time.

There was also a scratch on USDJPY which I had shorted.

Thus, all in all, a great day trading – 3 winners (2 x DAX, Cable), 2 losers (DAX, Cable), 2 scratch trades (Gold and USDJPY) – for a net gain of 2.88R.  This now puts me at +4.85R for the week after 18 trades (+9.5R for the last 24 trades), so I am going to be really really careful tomorrow, and probably not trade anything.

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