Visualization exercises – update (Oct 2014)

I spent some time today looking at my Visualization exercises.  Now that i have gone into a lot more detail on my strategy entry setup as well as the position management aspect, this should automatically feed into, and allow for a much more elaborate and concrete visualization “ritual”.  So there was some good progress there.

However I then hit a wall when I tried to really document and clarify how I would manage my open positions.  I wrote that document earlier this week, and it seemed to make a lot of sense.  However when I tried to revisit the trades I completed the last two weeks, and tried to imagine how I would have managed them using that document, I got rather confused.

I guess I will have to work on that more tomorrow, when the new trading week begins.  In any case, the setup work should be better and should be supported by my visualization techniques.

Note: My main tools in building the visualization aspects Ten Minute Toughness and Larry Levin’s Emotion-Free Trading Manual

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