Market update – Thu 16th Oct

— The trading suspension is in place for today and tomorrow —

That said, I am still keeping an eye on the markets, whilst at the same time testing the EMA strategy on DAX for 2014.

A large number of currency pairs currently fall within the definition of “smooth & consistent trends” – despite there being heavy volatility in the financial markets [across the board] this week.  Thus my current list of tradeable instruments at the moment:

  • DAX, S&P and most other equity indices
  • Oil

It seems the Ebola crisis now has (finally) added itself to the list of geo-political risks that are impacting on the financial markets worldwide joining the likes of the Islamic State, the Ukraine crisis and the Israel-Gaza conflict.  It does seem that it only takes a tiny handful of Ebola cases in the US and other western countries to start impacting on the markets, never mind that the crisis has already wiped out more than 4,000 people (twice that if providing for likely under-counting) in West Africa.  I recall back to the tsunami in Dec 2004 where around a quarter million people lost their lives in the space of a few days.  It didn’t impact on the financial markets because nearly all of the deaths comprised poorer folk in South-East Asia.

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