Sat 18th Oct – random thoughts

Saturday morning.  Cafe 1001.  3-day trading suspension has passed.  Energy levels are on the up (well, a little bit).  4 training sessions the past four days – rest day today.  Progressed well with EMA testing on DAX-2014 data in ForexTester2 software (1M data supplied by FXCM).  Up 11R over 22 trades between Jan1-Mar22.  Sitting here after breakfast and double macchiatio.  Met a nice girl here yesterday who is interested in trading – tried to give her some pointers.  It is truly amazing how hard of a journey it is – but then so is every business endeavour, no?  Played more raquetball with my millionaire buddies – they are always an inspiration (most likely without them knowing it).  Trying to come up with a real motivational context for me to push through until my deadline in 12 months’ time.  Something that will carry me for the “Endspurt” (there ain’t really a good English word for this German one).  Also mulling over my pencil-written scrap notes, and an ever-evolving notepad file.  It’s just a raft of ideas that I keep adding to, and then realise that I do implement and take action over, without consciously knowing it.  How do people in the creative industries – say painters, writers, sculpturists, graffiti artists – deal with having constant flows of ideas and always having the feeling of being behind? Surely I am not a very creative person – I just happen to have lots of thoughts – most of which aren’t really my own – they are just things I read in places.  Planning to work most of the weekend.  Carry on with that trading.  This blog post was deliberately written as to be hard to read, using a single paragraph structure.  Well done if you managed to read it to this point.  You have determination.

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