Winners on DAX and Crude Oil save the day!

Back trading today following the 3-day trading suspension.  Completed further EMA testing on DAX, EURJPY  and USDJPY over the weekend.

I started the day slowly with three scratch trades and then a 0.7 loser on GBPJPY.  This was tough going I got to say. One more losing trade (of any size) and I would be finished for the day. However I recovered well in the New York crossover session taking winning trades on DAX and, amazingly, on WTI crude oil – giving me a net return of 1.35R for the day.  It’s 3.30pm now and I am rather exhausted again, so I will head to Hyde Park for some speed skating before writing up the trades in my trade journal.

I have included three charts for the Oil trade because I thought I traded well with this one – i chose a good setup and then managed the position well.  Of course, in hindsight I could easily tell myself that I should have used a stop tighter than 60 points.  But there’s always something you could have done better – especially once the chart shows how the price action unfolded.

Oil 30M

Oil 15M

Oil 5M

And just for fun – I thought I would post the chart shots for the winning DAX trade too – after all it’s not very often that I cover my short position a mere 9 points above the low of the day!! 🙂 🙂

dax 15m dax 1m

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2 Responses to Winners on DAX and Crude Oil save the day!

  1. James says:

    Can i take any credit for the WTI inspiration? Look forward to the chart


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