6th Nov – ECB Day

Prior to commencing each trading session, I take stock of myself from a psychological and physical point of view.  Again, it’s something that my trading coach encouraged me to do.  I look at things such as the amount of sleep I have had, whether I feel excited/happy/depressed, whether I have done any sport, the amount of coffee/alcohol I have been consuming, and the profit/loss of the most recent session.  All this gets me to a score out of 10 – the more points, the better.


Today I scored 3.5.  In all fairness, the odds are in not in my favor of being able to trade profitably.  That said, I never trade profitably anyway, but today that would be even less likely to happen.

Instead I will spend the day (and probably night) testing in the Forex Tester software.

Another graph that i thought would show some insight as to why I am feeling so negative.  The chart shows the 75 trades from another angle – the individual result for each trade.  Notice that for the last 50 trades, I think only 5-6 ended with a positive result.  That’s truly unbelievable.  I know that it’s possible to have strings of losses – but this is just complete B.S.  Another bow in the argument that I should just hang up my trading boots for good.

result by trades

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