Benefits of Blogging

My mentor asked me to summarize how I have found it to maintain a trading-blog on a regular basis.   I have to say that the benefit has been tremendous, quite unexpectantly so.


  • A central convenient place for collecting ideas, thoughts, impressions, diary-type notes.  Easy to navigate around, rather than keeping a large number of word document files on my computer.
  • Thus this has helped me to progress along.
  • The actual writing of blog posts makes me think through my trading sessions, often to evaluate situations from a 3rd person’s perspective.  This enables me to be more objective at times.
  • Writing on an almost daily basis, helps me to jot down thoughts and ideas that I would otherwise probably not write down elsewhere, and thus simply forget.
  • From time to time, I look back at specific posts – simply to get some inspiration from them, and to help me to keep going and not stop or give up.  It reminds me of decisions I have taken in the past, and encourages me to keep my actions in line with those decisions.
  • The blog has drawn the occasional helpful and constructive comment or question from my mentor and/or others who read the blog.
  • In a way I feel like I am writing my own story and this really helps me to keep going when times are tough (such as now, for example).  It provides at least one stable component in my trading journey.  One additional avenue for practising discipline.
  • Finally, it seems to provide a bit of help to some people who read the blog – some explanations, some guidance or purely a small form of entertainment.
  • Also, I do find the blogging itself fun.
  • Creating and maintaining a blog is easy (and free) to do.

Thus, for others embarking on trading journeys, I’d highly recommend it as part of your trading routines.  At the outset, I never thought I would write so many posts on this blog, or keep it up for that long.  Obviously the fact that i am still blogging, is a testament to the fact that it helps me.


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10 Responses to Benefits of Blogging

  1. FXTraderPaul says:

    Great work George, keep it up!

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  5. Cathy says:

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  9. pearse13 says:

    Excellent blog post. Straightforward, to the point, real.

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