Worked in the office from 7.30am to 6pm.

No live trades (as planned).  Worked on a post-news strategy provided by my mentor earlier this year.  Spending 1/2 a day on it makes me think that I can’t make it work right now.  However, if time permits, I will test and evaluate it more on a real-time basis in the near future.  Made some detailed notes about my findings in this area.

Then got right into refinements for the EMA strategy based on detailed analysis of the charts for Cable, DAX and Oil. Will carry on with this tomorrow.

Came across a great list of trading rules today – written by Dennis Gartman (an economist and commodity analyst, who has been publishing the Gartman Letter since 1987) – check out the list of his 15 trading rules here – very simple and great – I especially like the last one (rule #15).

Also another social Traders Meet-Up in the City of London – good thing it’s less only a 15 minute walk/cycle from my office.

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One Response to Nov18

  1. FXTraderPaul says:

    That’s the first time i’ve seen those rules myself George. Fantastically simple and very true. And (I’m happy to say) also mirror my own trading philosphy

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