Nov24 – Progress update, blog overhaul & Zaks Trading Cafe

This week the US celebrates Thanksgiving Day on Thursday, so the markets are likely to be very quiet on Thursday and Friday – so I will need to proceed with caution!

Recent work done

  • Today was a designated administration day, so I didn’t look at my charts.  I did go back into my Trade Station brokerage account for the first time in a while, just to check my ability to trade FX futures and FX options, using those accounts (the answers are yes and no).
  • I spent all Saturday working at the office, further working on strategy developments and going over the charts of DAX, Oil and Cable from the past week’s trading activity.
  • Late last night (Sunday), at the time of the opening of the market around 9/10pm GMT, Mr France and I were busily chatting on WhatsApp, figuring out the appropriate position sizings if further legs were to be added to the short EURUSD trade from Friday.

Blog will soon be upgraded/overhauled!!

In terms of the blog – I am realising that it’s probably tremendously difficult for people to navigate around it – my sister has gladly offered to help me clean it up and structure it in a much better way.  I had no idea how much content (close to 400 blog posts!) I had already posted here, and it may be interesting for people to look for stuff if things were sorted according to dates, subject (e.g. completed trades, psychology, lessons learned, “the good, the bad & the ugly”, market analysis).  So, watch this space.

Zak’s Trading Cafe

Off to Zak’s trading cafe in Notting Hill tonight.  Should be entertaining.  It will also be a chance for me to catch David Paul live one more time – I saw him a couple of years ago at workshop that I had attended.  And he was one of the traders in Tom Hougaard’s trading room that I visited for a couple of weeks back in October.  For my comments on the trading room, and on David Paul, see my earlier blog post on it.

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