4/12: the end of the beginning?

10.5 months to go to my deadline.

several conversations followed my emotional decline, with Mr France, my other two trading colleagues and finally one of my blog followers.  Talk about having a support network around you!

Went for a long-walk along the Thames to gather my thoughts.

Valid points raised:

  • psychology – seems like I have a losing mindset -> setting myself up for failure
  • lack of my own strategy (in my view this means not being documented and clarified sufficiently) and lack of testing of the strategy (meaning I have produced profitable results in a testing environment over a large number of trades)
  • don’t give up, keep going – I had set Oct’15 as a milestone – so stick to it
  • Lack of appreciation of my current circumstances – I am in a much more fortunate position than many other aspiring traders

Overall a general boost of encouragement and “you can do it” messages from the trading folk around me.

On a sidenote, Mr France had an excellent day shorting the EURUSD – amazing it was exactly a week ago that Mr France was very distraught, just 7 days later he has more than made up for his “big loss” of that prior session.

…must….keep…. going

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2 Responses to 4/12: the end of the beginning?

  1. pjhtrader says:

    Hey George, great blog and really interesting post. It sounds like you’re on a bit of an emotional roller coaster right now. Would be great to catch up and talk to you, contact details still the same. Hang in there!

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