Starting 2015 with 300-pager Psychology Text

Happy new year!

Voila – my 1st post in 2015. My break was thoroughly enjoyable – spent a lot of time with friends and family – and did not look at a single chart the entire time.

Today was my first day back at work.  I worked from home studying my way through a Trading Psychology book.  This book was published in 2003 by a therapist with 20-30 years of therapy experience and 20 years of part-time trading experience (he mainly traded US equities).  The book is hard-going but is excellent – in not only made me think about my trading, but also about other aspects of my life – thus it has been a real insightful experience – and triggered a lot of thoughts, memories and tears along the way.  I managed to finish the book today, having read most of it over the break.  The book was given to me by a trader friend – thanks James!

I would like to believe that truly understanding the material in the book and letting it impact my behavior and thinking in and out of the trading room, will have a significant impact on my trading operation.

Although I have read the whole book now, I will need to go through and compile some notes for the last two-thirds of the book. Then I will go through each chapter slowly and carefully and let things sink in – I am sure that will take the whole of 2015.

The book is called “Psychology of Trading” – a great read!!

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3 Responses to Starting 2015 with 300-pager Psychology Text

  1. Jerome says:

    Happy New Year George!!!!

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  3. FXTraderPaul says:

    Steenbargers books are excellent – if a ;little hard going. You should also check out his blog and also his twitter feed. Both are excellent……..though its easy to lose a whole day reading all the posts!

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