6/1 – Made it through Dec’14 with some simple goal-setting

So how did December work out in terms of what i had planned to accomplish?

Here’s what I had planned for December – 6th Dec Post, and here’s what I actually did:

  • I did stop putting on live trades – this allowed me to focus on putting more work on a specific strategy.  I am still not there yet with the strategy so will probably need the rest of January to get there.  That’s ok.  The markets are not going to run away from me.  So the increase in productivity happened as anticipated.
  • Meanwhile my self-confidence rallied – because there were no losing trades to knock me down.
  • I have tried to look after myself better – by improving diet & nutrition and sleeping more.  Obviously I slipped somewhat with the alcoholic intake during the xmas break. However during the xmas break I also took some real time off, and had a lot of happy times with good friends and did things that I really enjoyed.
  • I didn’t practice any of visualization techniques.


  • I started trading ES & TY futures on my friend’s custom-developed platform – the purpose here is to provide feedback to my friend on the platform and on the automation of trading strategies.  This was an unexpected development.
  • By fluke I came into possession of the Trading Psychology book, that I discussed in length yesterday, and  I have started to really peel back the onion layers a little – this has allowed for some powerful insights into how I view trading, how I trade and also into some of behaviour and thought patterns in and out of the trading room.  This also relates back to the skype conversation with my trading coach I had at the beginning of December and the “Really Deep Stuff” paragraph.  Click here for reading those again.

So in summary, despite hitting a real low, or wall, at the beginning of December, and really not not knowing where to turn to, I managed to get through the month, just by setting some milestones for that month and trying to help myself rather than beat myself up.  Well done George, you did okay!

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