23/1: Real-time paper trade this week, on DAX and GBPUSD

This week I have been progressing with my testing on DAX using ForexTester, and the historical data I have downloaded thanks to my FXCM broker.  However I also kept an eye on DAX, Cable and Oil charts.  As a result I have taken two real-time paper trades.

Here are the charts for these two trades (one loser and one winner):

dax Jan21

cable Jan22

Testing Results: The charts for the real markets and for the testing look near identical.  I am trying to teach my brain to become really good and comfortable and recognising patterns and key price levels, so that i can trade profitably and with confidence.  Thus far, I have been testing using the 2013 data for the DAX.  Thus far I have taken 29 trades from 1/1/2013 to 6/6/2013 (so 5 months) trading from the 5M and 15M timeframes (which really does not seem like a lot) – and I am up by 7.7R – so that seems promising.  I want to go through to June 2014 with the testing, and then do the same for Cable and for Oil.  It seems like it will take me forever.

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