27/1 More real-time “paper” trades on my favorite instruments

Whilst carrying on with my testing, I am continuing to closely monitor and mark the charts of Cable, DAX and Oil – and every now and then I take a paper-trade – using the same setups as in my testing.  Here are the charts from the two trades late on Friday, and from the two yesterday.  In all, this resulted in 3 winners and 1 loser.  Notice that the trade setups revolve around the trend/sentiment on the 1H chart, key levels of support and resistance, and the existence of technical patterns on either the 5-minute (5M) or 15-minute (15M) timeframes.

The first two trades were entered into late Friday afternoon, after 4pm, after the market had become a bit quiet.

Oil Jan23

Cable Jan23

And these two were completed yesterday (Monday):

Oil Jan26

DAX Jan26

Here are the results for the 15 trades I have taken over December and January (thus far).  Notice that’s just 15 trades over a six-week period (2-3 per week).  These results have been rather good – in my opinion – I know most retail traders would consider these as not worthwhile.  If I was able to knock out 10R every 2 months, then I would be over the f***in moon.  What i still have trouble is having the same feel in simulated testing, as in real-time testing.  This reduces the motivation I have for simulated testing.

Paper Trade results

I have also provided a brief update on the FXCM options trade post – click here for that.

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