Feb 2015: More networking & education – “Master Class Day”

I wanted to write a quick blog post about the trading event I attended on Friday 6th Feb.

The event was organised by the London Investment Week and sponsored by Master the Markets, and entry for a total of 5 speakers was a mere £48 – not a bad deal.

My main attraction to the event was a talk by Steve Ward, a leading psychologist who works with many successful traders.  He has previously worked with athletes, poker players and the US Marine Corps before finally working with traders.  I managed to volunteer for an experiment during his talk, which resulted in me being plugged into a device for monitoring my pulse and heart rate variance (HRV).  My reaction was then tested for potential threats (singing a song in front of the 30 attendees) to see how my body would react.  Interestingly there was quite a significant reaction.  Steve explained that our body goes through this type of turmoil all day long when trading, and that we need to work on building our flexibility and resilience to all the potential threats and opportunities that we experience throughout trading sessions.  Anyways, it was a fantastic talk by Steve Ward, particularly for me since I have been engaging in a lot of psychology study since December.

Other speakers included Thiru Nagappan from Master the Markets, who talked about the importance of testing in developing a trading strategy, and Zaheer Anwari from Traders Cosmos, who talked about his Turtle-based trading strategy.  The Turtles strategy was developed and taught in the 1980’s and produced significant results in various futures markets.  I have actually done a lot of testing on this strategy for 20-30 currency pairs covering the last 10-20 years (get in touch if you want to discuss that).

Other benefits from attending the day (aside from a free lunch and some free trading books!) was being able to meet, interact, encourage other traders at the event.  Something I would definitely recommend.  I also push myself to attend such events on a regular basis, particularly because I am fortunate enough to be living in central London where many such events take place, and attendance is one of the objectives in my business plan.

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