6/3 ECB Press Conference & a busy day for George!

ECB PRESS CONFERENCE & TRADES: Yesterday was ECB Day – “my” markets (DAX, Cable and Oil) were fairly muted ahead of Draghi’s press conference.  Post-ECB I took setups on DAX (long) and Oil (long) – both positions ran a fair bit against me but in the end both were closed around scratch.

(NET)WORKING WITH OTHER TRADERS: The day was a bit hectic yesterday, as I had two traders come to the office in succession in the afternoon – a part-time trader whom I met at one of the networking events in early Feb – and then another friend who often helps out with some MT4 programming aspects – MT4 is the trading platform I use most of the time.  We discussed another coding piece of work by which we want to incorporate real-time measuring of daily ATR’s to enable us to compare various markets.

SEMINAR: Finally in the evening I attended a ‘meet-up’ seminar run by FX Street and ended up having a long trading chat with one of my Kiwi buddies at the pub afterwards.

FUTURES TRADING: Earlier in the day I got in 90 minutes of ES futures trading, prior to the start of the ECB conference, and managed to squeeze out another 29 ticks.  I had also done another 3hr session on Tue – also a winning session of 34 ticks.  That makes it three in a row – yay!  My trading in that area has mainly been based on the EMA10 and EMA20 on the 1M chart.

HOLIDAY-TIME: When trading full-time it’s important to have a real break every now and then – ideally every 6-8 weeks.  I spent a week in France in mid January so it’s about time I took another week off, so you won’t see any blog posts for a week or so – happy trading to everyone!

Chart shots for the two trades taken on 5th March

144 oil Mar5

143 DAX Mar5

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2 Responses to 6/3 ECB Press Conference & a busy day for George!

  1. janny says:

    Is it sort of basic requirement to learn MT4 programming platform if I seek career as a coder on the technical side of currency trading or foreign exchange market? Is there any better platform that is better suited for the rapidly evolving modern digital technologies?


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