26/3 Military Activity in Yemen triggers moves

Impacts on Oil, Gold, Yen, equities (e.g. DAX vs FTSE) – it was very interesting for me to hear about this news and to understand the potential impact on various asset classes.

Today I continued with the same style that I traded for the past one and a half sessions.  Wrapped up another 7 trades.

Good morning session – winning trades on USDJPY, DAX and EURUSD – losing trade on Cable (longed shortly after UK news shooting for R2 – though price bounced right off one of “my” key levels.  Incurred an execution error on USDJPY trade – due to now also placing order via the MT4 screens – that cost me 0.4R – this occurred as I was trying to complete a partial close at the target price level.  Thus up just under 2R for the morning session (even after the execution error).

In the afternoon I had a winner on EURUSD and a loser on the DAX, and then a partial loser on EURUSD.  This amounted to approx scratch.

Starting to keep a good eye on the US Dollar index – since I am trading both EURUSD and Cable.  (and USDJPY to some extent – I only looked at this pair because there was a lot of Yen strength at the start of the London session – I could instantly read that from short-term strength/weakness matrix).

Realizing that a lot of my technical skills are coming into play in assessing the trades and judging the setups.  I guess I have accumulated a fair bit of technical knowledge over the last 18 months of full-time trading.

Leaving office at 4pm – finally a reasonable time.  The markets will (should) still be there tomorrow.


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