31/3 – Perspective

Just had a skype call with my dad.

He reminded me that this was the day, in 1981, when I had that fateful encounter with a car, whilst I was crossing the street with my playmates (I was 5 years old).  The crash resulted in a coma of just under a week with very serious concussions, and the doctor had advised my parents that the chances of survival were about 50/50.

Well, 34 years later I am still here, and I am glad that I had no long-term impacts (physically or mental) from the crash.

I really should think about this event from time to time.  It really puts things into perspective.  Things that i worry or stress about sometimes – I should just be thankful that I am actually at all and that I have so many good things in my life!

What about you?

(I had also mentioned this crash on this post in the psychology context.)

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