21/4: 27 trades into the next batch, losing 1.3R

Have been too busy to find time for blogging!

Thus far, in my second batch of 100 trades for the K7 strategy I am down 1.3R after 27 trades.  It has been quite difficult emotionally during the trading sessions sometimes.  The last two days have seen losing morning followed by scratch or winning afternoon sessions. The next couple of weeks I will be trading from the US.  That’s one of the benefits of trading – in theory, you can do it from anywhere.  In practice…. well, we shall find out!

What’s kept me sane the last few days has been the fact that I have things outside of trading – a great girl, sport (got up to 15.3km run on Sunday), friends to hang out with and travel plans.

Like I have said many times before – trading is a very hard adventure.

Here are some stats for the 27 trades:

  • GBPUSD/Cable (6 trades), +0.15R
  • DAX (17), -1.8R
  • EURJPY (2), +1.1R
  • EURUSD (2), -0.8R
  • 8 winners, 14 losers, 5 scratch
  • Avg Win +1.08R, Avg Loser -0.70R, Avg Scratch -0.02R
  • Win Rate (excl scratches) 36%, Average Reward to Risk Ratio [RR Ratio] = 1.54
  • Implied Strategy Edge -4.8%  (average transaction cost has been 5.63%)
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