12/5 – Trading wrap

Did three trades this morning.  Two good ones and one bad one.  Net Result +1.34R.  I might have further trades but wanted to get this on the blog here so that i can review them with my trading coach Paul Wallace this afternoon, as he will be stopping by our trading office in central London.  Note it really looks as if I missed 2-3 other setups on Cable, I also looked closely at the DAX and at AUDUSD.

352 eurjpy May12

353 cable May12

354 chfjpy May12

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One Response to 12/5 – Trading wrap

  1. Hello George,

    I recently wrapped up the development of my own Forex trading system and, out of the resulting boredom, did a search for other active trading blogs where I might be able to interact. That’s how I came upon your site, though our approaches to trading seem to be quite different.

    Because my judgment is tainted by any attempts whatsoever to anticipate what the market might do, I now purposely avoid identifying pivot points, support and resistance levels, Fibonacci numbers and the like ahead of time.

    I have much better luck when I do intraday trading based on price structure in the context of 24-hour market cycles, following the real-time wave-like ebb and flow of price action generated by the institutional traders, which I find relatively easy to follow using 5-minute charts, a single moving average, a moving average envelope and my own proprietary price-cycle oscillators.

    I’ll be watching your trades and reading with interest your take on the markets, and look forward to comparing and contrasting your moves and rationale with my own.

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