6/8 – Update on Futures Trading


Recall that at the end of last year, I started doing the odd bit of a futures trading – somewhat a different approach to the way I currently trade the fx markets and indices.  I thought I do a quick update on how that is going.  Going forward I will most likely be discussing it less and less though.


I did short sessions (1-2 hours) of futures trading on the ES and TY Sep’15 futures contracts.  Two of the sessions were scratch and one produced a good profit (+55 ticks!).  I do really enjoy that type of very intensive trading although it requires a large amount of concentration and one becomes very tired afterwards.  The trading is directly on the market – no broker is involved – so there is no spread.  I am doing it with a platform that has been custom-built by a very experienced programmer over several months.

I have now been asked to document my strategy approach for this in great amount of detail with the goal of having the programmer automate the strategy. Trying to write the documentation is an excellent exercise (although daunting!)!  All in all, the futures trading is turning into a project of its own, with several other people involved, though, as I said, I will not be discussing it in any great detail on this blog going forward.

What I can say is that the futures trading is helping me in my own trading, and that my own trading is helping me in the futures trading.  The futures trading is providing me with another trading perspective and experience.  The more, the better.  And I am very thankful to my friend who has given me this opportunity to work with a bunch of very talented people.

Thus, to retail traders, I would advise that the more experience you can collect out there the better.  This is a very tough business.  Try to work with others.  Continuously push yourself – if you don’t, others will overtake you and take your money.

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