10/8: Good trading led to profitable results: 6 winners, 3 losers in last two sessions

Friday’s trading (2-1, +1.68R)

I waited patiently for NFP to pass at 1:30pm London time, and didn’t expect any setups during the morning.  After a long pub lunch with my colleague we got back to the office around 2pm (which I figured might give the market enough time to settle down and choose a direction following the news announcement).  Things turned out well.  I had a losing trade on EURUSD but kept the loss small, and then followed it up with winning trades on the DAX and on EURJPY.  I was happy with the setups I chose, my entries were reasonably ok and so was the trade management.

507 eurusd aug7

508 dax aug7

509 eurjpy aug7

Monday’s trading (4-2, +1.49R)

I expected the market to be quiet because it is August, it’s Monday and there was no Tier-1 news.  Thus I traded carefully and also was careful not to be over-ambitious with my targets.  Even with all that I ended up executing half a dozen trades.  The entries and setups were mostly ok.  I was a bit unlucky in some cases and lucky in other situations.  All up a profitable session.

515 dax aug10

511 dax aug10

513 cable aug10 

512 514 usdjpy aug10

510 eurjpy aug10

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